Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ignite. Passion. Now.

I LOVE my life!  Being a stylist rocks my word, it just does!  But being a "Superchick"...  holy hell, that shit makes me BEAM!!!  
I can't EVEN tell you how crazy excited I am about the epic changes happening both in my private life AND here in Superchickland!  
It's time to SMASH some glass ceilings and Ignite. Passion. NOW!  
I'm SO ready!

I'll be leaking insane Superchick news on Monday so tune in!
My new super awesome mantra ---- Done is better than perfect!!!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine’s Day Kandy Kone Styling Challenge!!!

Happy Day Sweet Superchicks! 

It's CHALLENGE TIME in Superchickland & OMG!!! I'm SO stoked!

Introducing our first ever "Kandy Kone Styling Challenge"!!! (8) FABULOUS Superchicks are battling it out to win the title of Supreme Superchick Stylist!!!  lol 
Who will reign as the ultimate Kandy Kone Styling Queen?!

But before I jump in, I have to spill some truth!  This challenge stems from a place of styling BOREDOM!  It's true!  Clients are consistently asking me for Kandy Kone "styling tips" & honestly, I'm fresh out of brilliance!!!
I got to thinking & well (ouch!)... lol  So here we are!

The Challenge Deets!
1 ~ Challengers were asked to INCLUDE 6 custom Kandy Kones in a VDay themed display!
2 ~ They were asked to FILL their kones creatively!
3~ And MOST IMPORTANTLY, they were asked to STYLE their kones in a unique, imaginative, trend setting!

The judges!
Bird from Bird’s PartiesCourtney from Pizzazerie & yours truly!
Thx SO much to my girls B & C for swooping in & lending an expert eye!  xo

Oh! One last thing... 

There are a zillion creative Superchicks out there, so I'm asking YOU to chime in!  
Leave a "styling suggestion" in the comment box at the end of this post & I'll pick a random WINNER on Jan 30th.  Up for grabs?  A dozen custom Kandy Kones of course!!!

 Ok!  Let's do this thang!  Drum rollllll pleeezzz!!!

The sparkling “Superchick Stylists” & their submissions!
Challenge WINNER will be revealed in a Brand New Ezine launching Jan 30th!!!  (Stay tuned!)

Click on theme title for full blog posts!

2 ~ Jasmine from IDEA! Event + style with Mint To Be!

4 ~ Melissa from (Truly Chic Inspirations) with Lovestruck!

6 ~ Talia from Luxe. Event Design LLC with VDay B.L.U.E!

7 ~  Nicole from The Party Animal with Bear Hugs & Kisses!

8 ~ JoAnne from Oh Goodie Designs with Love Is Wild!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

FREE Valentine's Day Memory Game!

DIY Memory Game - VDay Style!

A Perfect Match!

Check it bombshells!  If you wanna WOW your offspring's preschool mates this VDay, I've got THE perfect DIY "favor" tutorial!

 Be dif, bag the sweets and go game!

Download your FREE game cards "HERE"!

Print. (2 sheets) 
Punch out hearts using a 2" circle punch.

If you're a slacker, you're done!  Enjoy!
But if you're CRAFTY and you want to pimp up your game, keep reading!

I own a cricut machine so I used it to make 3'' circles to back my cards!  (Don't be a hater!  It was a gift!) 
A 3" circle punch will work just fine!  ;-)
  If your craftiness is satisfied, you're done!  Enjoy!

But if you're a SUPERCHICK and you want to deco your cards, keep reading!

I'm all about extra deets!
Choose a sheet of pretty cardstock and keep PUNCHING!!!  I used my 2"to create this polished look!
And because prez is EVERYTHING... Wrap with baker's twine from The Twinery and packaged your ├╝ber unique favor in and half pint mason jar!

You can attache a "store bought" Valentine or craft your own!  (I know... GASP!)  
Mine will prob say something like...

"You are my perfect match!"

FUN FACT:  I made a "Christmas" version of this old school game for Super Sophie's preschool peeps and they LOVE LOVE LOVED it!

Make sure to come back and share pics!!! 

Just in... Fab facebook suggestion!
No circle punch, NO PROB!  
"If you don't have a punch, just cut in squares!  The kids will love both making and playing!"
 Vicki from Laugh Loud Smile Big


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kinky Kones for the fashionista in you!

Introducing my most OPULENT Kandy Kone™ thus far... Inspired by's LUXURIOUS style! Fill with chocolate covered ANYTHING & nibble seductively! Woah! ;)

Wanna be a Superchick and party like the cool kids?!  Order your custom Kandy Kones™ here.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Hello... is this thing ON?!!!


My sweet, supportive, incredibly awesome Superchicks...  How I've missed thee!!!  I've been trying to access my Blogger account for MONTHS...  without ANY success.  Like NONE.  The frustration's been EPIC!  No joke, I've literally wanted to smash MAC against a brick wall!  (Note to self: Call to thank the anger management helpline!!!)

(custom pocket mirror by AnnieQDesigns)

I'd almost given up, but for whatever reason.. TODAY, the stars aligned and I'm IN IN IN!!!!!!!!  I've been wanting to blog SO BAD... ACHING actually!  I'm totally terrified that this might be a cruel joke and that I won't be able to get back in... (bitting nails!)

Maybe with some luck I'll be able to recover my original template too?!  I'm MORTIFIED by the "new & improved" look...  I LOVE change, but I didn't ask for this revamp... 

If you CAN, please leave me a quick Yo! Hey! Hi! Wazzup! in the comment box so I know my stuff is WORKING!  ;)


Sunday, October 16, 2011

~~ A Halloween Trinket Tutorial AND GIVEAWAY!!!!! ~~

 Miz Paperglitter just landed in Superchickland!  WOOT!
I am honored, the lovely Genevieve, asked me to do a guest blog post for her wonderful readers today.  I am a paper crafting freak. I love all things paper and +LOVE+ printables!
I have been crafting like crazy for this past week using my printables ----I made tons of these kitty necklaces, packaged paper dolls and printed some sweet Halloween Money for the family kids!  I personalized the money and am giving them away as reward money for good behavior :)  Oh wait--what's that in the corner of that photo---could it be?
 Oh heck yeah!  Superchick Stash money!---holla!!!!!!!!! 
Today I am sharing what I made the other day using some of the new Halloween printables in my shop. 
First up, I made a Kitty Necklace using Shrink a Dink paper!
(Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions on printing and baking this Shrink a Dink paper, super chicas )

I took page 34 from the Halloween party kit (which has a large kitty and spider graphics on it) and printed it on Shrink a Dink paper.  After printing it and letting the ink dry for 5 minutes, I cut the kitty out and punched one hole on each ear using a standard hole puncher.
Then I baked the kitty head (using the instructions that came with the paper).  Look how small it got!
When the kitty head cooled off a bit, I took awesome Martha Stewart glitter and decorated my kitty charm and threaded it on a chain I bought at Jo-Anns. BUT WAIT--that's not the end--little girls like things in pretty packages so I HAD to package this!  So then……
I printed a green pattern from the same kit on cardstock paper and punched 2 little holes in it using a 1/8 hole punch...
 Cut slits on each side to meet the holes…
 Then placed my kitty chain on the back card.
 Look how thick that Kitty charm is--this Shrink A Dink stuff is amazing!
Then using a cello bag to insert the back card and charm in, I topped it off with a personalized bag topper card from the Halloween kit!  Sweet, huh?

Want to win one of 3 Halloween Printable Party Packs and get your OWN craft on?!
All you have to do is follow both our blog and leave us a comment telling us you've clicked the magic "follow" button!  lol

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Costumes are so yesterday!

Halloween Costumes best step off cuz “Kocktail
are in the house! 

If you own a teen girl, then you KNOW...  Selecting a Costume can be a NIGHTMARE!

Why?  Cuz teen girlies seem to have 2 options... 

Go childish (So not cool!) or go provocative. (So NOT gonna happen!)
They’re too young to “party” yet too old to “trick or
treat”! The injustice of it all!!!

I totally get it!  So I totally fixed it!

Enter THE SUPERCHICK option...

Dare to differ, forget mainstream and BAG the"COSTUME"!!!

Instead... Opt for a themed cocktail hat paired with sharp, even theatrical makeup!
 You heard me! lol

I've designed 3 cocktail hats (AKA Kocktail Krowns!) to help bring my vision to life and help get YOUR creative juices flowing!



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