Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Me Myself & I

I ADORE birthdays... especially MINE!  Why?  Uhhhh...  maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's all about MOI!  Yeah, that's it!  I get to be queen for the day... worship me!  Right!  (mother of 3 here...!)
I'm curious, what do YOU think about when I say "birthday"?  Me?  I think of technicolor balloons, a room filled with laughter, friends and CAKE!  Ah, cake... Luscious perfection... a slice of pure orgasmic bliss...  Mmmm cake!  God I love a good, slice!  ;-)  Focusssss!
I think birthdays are a triumph!  They clearly symbolizes that we've made it through another year!  BRAVO US!  FYI - I'm turning 29 again, and of course I'm going ALL OUT!  Go big or go home baby!
Not sure when it happened, but at some point in history some dumbass misfit decided that it was inappropriate to throw one's self a birthday party!  WHAT?!  If celebrating MYSELF is considered presumptuous than so be it!  Call me shameless but I'm thinking plan it, and they will come! 
So I am!  I'm planning a party, an excessively extravagant PARTAY!  And yes, I'm fully aware that my lack of restraint might become problematic... but whatever!  When it comes to birthdays, less ISN'T more, more is perrrrfect!  Bring.  It.  On.
As for gift giving, I say bring it on and make it fabulous!  {GASP!}  Come on, like pretty presents don't make YOU smile!  Pah-Leez!  Who the hell shows up at a birthday party without a GIFT!  It's a freakin BIRTHDAY people!  Needless to say my invites won't be sporting the "no gifts please" bit?!
So look for me on March 30th, I'll be the one raising my Goose & juice to the heavens and thanking my lucky stars for all that I am and will be!  Cheers to Me, myself and I!


Scraps said...

Sadly enough, the last time I hosted my own birthday party one of the guests decided to completely hog the attention. Granted, she no longer graces my guest list but, it's the chance you take when you dual role.

Something tells me you're guests won't stand a chance!!! :)

The Boyz Mum said...

So where is this party going to be? I'll make sure to carve out some time to worship you. We do have to go out again soon.

Kristen said...

Ummmm....hey...I thought it was a joint fest and that I was throwing for you and you for me and I think you have the date wrong ;-)
You realize that would mean that you would have to share the worshippers with me? Rethinking? LOL!!!
Can't wait to go back to the 80s! woohoo!

natalie.escobar said...

Love it! You say it like it is and that deserves a huge A+++ in my books. Keep up the good work.

Nat :)

Annie said...

Love, love your blog. I check it everyday hoping there is an entry.
I am sure it is better to host your own bday party then wait for someone to do so and forget. Ah hum, yes I am talking about the thing I married. lol
Take care and you are doing a fantastic job.

cupcake cutie said...

Oh, Gen, we are soul mates. I cannot agree more about the whole gift thing...there should be published gift-giving protocol. I mean, seriously, NO ONE wants or needs another generic candle that you picked up on your way to the party at CVS, scraped the orange clearance sticker off of, and threw in a recycled gift bag from last christmas!!

Momfluential said...

my dd's bday is on March 30 too. She want to have an Amazing Race party. As a mom of 4 I do a lot of birthday party planning but not so much bday party getting these days! Which sucks!

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