Monday, February 15, 2010

Motherhood Uncensored


Is it just me or do ALL suburban moms have sex on the brain?!  Granted, most of us are in our prime but holy hell the naughty factor is skyrocketing in the burbs!  Trying to juggle the parties, the blogs and the boudoir photo shoots is work!  Who can keep up?!  I can!  I can!  (shocker!)
I host a tone of events, it’s kinda my thing!  So when one of my BFFs asked me to host a Sex Toy Party I said God NO!  Ok... fine,  I totally said Hell Yeah!  Please, I’m no prude!  Bring on the cuffs, the dildos & the butt plugs!  Blushing yet?!  ;-)  What could possibly be more entertaining then gathering seemingly proper housewives in a room filled with XXX toys?!!  And yes, I did get them tipsy on White Zin before whipping out (no pun intended) a bunch of ginourmous vibrators!  The proof is in the pudding baby!  We laughed till our abs hurt and spent RIDICULOUS amount of cash!  Husbands are still thanking me!  Ok, they’re not, but they absolutely should!
For a slightly more private guide to sexual fun you HAVE to check out Kristen Chase AKA the Mominatrix!  I'm a HUGE fan!  This superchick totally ROCKS!  I swear this woman and I are kindred spirits!  She's candid and beyond creative!  Her jaw-dropping “Sexual Resolution" challenges seriously made me laugh out loud!  FYI  She starts off a tad tame, but no worries, in the end she’ll have you blushing!   the Mominatrix
Lastly, in an effort to extinguish the flaming stigma surrounding nude photos, I've decided to share a tantalizing tidbit!  Ready?  I had pics taken last month and it was so much fun!  Why do something so crazy?  Why the hell not!  Judge me all you want, jealousy is flattering!  Oh and when you’re done, call my incredibly talented photographer (she's a total Rockstar!) and book your own shoot!  We both know you want to!  gail anne photography


Valerie Huff said...

So funny! I missed that party, darn!!
And who is the super photographer??

Rachel said...

in college i went to a couple of "pleasure parties"
nothing is more fun than drinking a bunch of wine and having someone tell you about ahem, toys. lol one girl filled the house with red balloons and boxed wine and i swear wine in cardboard never tasted so good!

blogrock said...

always a fun party

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