Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brighten your BFF's Easter!

While perusing "Girlfriendology" (one of my FAVORITE blogs) I came across this super sweet article.  Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Spring - with your Girlfriends!  (#8) totally made me smile so of course I HAD to share it with my Superchicks!  I hope it inspires you! 

8. Who says Easter Baskets are only for kids?

Chocolate, peeps and more chocolate!! Yum! Surprise your favorite chocolate-loving girlfriend(s) with an Easter Basket on her doorstep filled with her favorite treats. Leave a card with a thoughtful note and know that you’re doing something sweet for her. Plus, recent studies have said that chocolate may lower blood pressure so you’re really just helping her be healthy, right? (Plus, I found a great Easter Basket treat for cycle-lovers!) Is she on a diet or not a big chocolate fan? Leave her a spring plant or bouquet of flowers. Brighten her day with both your gift and your thoughtfulness!  


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