Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Milk and cookies anyone?!

Originality is a beautiful thing and this week's featured party is bubbling with it!  It's SO adorable!  It has a fun, unique theme and a chic color palette. (God I love fresh ideas!!!)  We're talking cup tags, stamped plates, signage and pom poms!  This event has it all!  I invite you to quench your party planning thirst and revel in this "Milk and Cookies" party!  Who doesn't dream of walking up to a COOKIE bar?!  Come on!!!  This elegant gathering was meticulously planned and styled to perfection by Anne Powers for her daughter's first birthday!  (LUCKY girl!)  My fav is by far the birthday cake!  It's INSANE!  I mean... WOW!  FYI - This event was so fabulously executed that it was chosen as a finalist in the Most Adorable Kids Party Of 2009 Contest hosted by Creative Hostess.  Well done!

For more "milk and cookies" goodness check out Hip Hooray!  So posh! 


Jaime said...

Hi there,
Just stopping by. Adorable blog!!
Thought you might want to know about a great giveaway over at:

MaryRC said...

holy cow, great pics, i want that stuff at my birthday party..

Anne Powers said...

Thanks for sharing my party with your readers! I really appreciate it!

Anne Powers
A. Party Style

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