Friday, March 26, 2010

Fabulously Functional

I love ribbon!  Who doesn't right?!  For years, (like 10!) my ribbon stash was a jumbled pile of multicolored knots!  And while I like the idea of pre-made ribbon organizers,  (I now use "ribbon rings")  I love creative spins on organization even better!  Now listen, I systematized as best I could yet never came close to THIS!  I experienced total elation today when I walked into my girlfriend's craft room.  At first glace, I thought she was designing a tutu!  I was wrong!  This "skirted" iron dress form is her new ribbon organizer!!!  You heard me!  Holy FABULOUS!  What an ingenious way to store one's ribbon collection!  We're talking convenient, efficient AND stunning!  BRAVO Kim!


Jennifer G. said...


KimM. said...

I can retake pics for ya. :-(

Genevieve said...

I think the pics are awesome Kim!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Oooo, this is so cool. I Likey!

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