Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Mr. Man"

Boy's parties can be tricky to plan!  You want them to be creative yet they need to be, well...  kinda MANLY!  They like dirt and bugs and things that go Grrrrr!  Or do they?!  This week's Posh Party Post features a strapping theme that's ALL BOY!  It's called "Mr Man" and it's the most clever theme I've come across in a long time!  Christina Brian of Full House designed this unique party for her baby boys (triplets turning two) and her HOT brother Andrew! (Slurp!!!)  The boyish touches sprinkled throughout this event rock.  My fav is by far the garlandChristine (AKA Supermom) coupled old ties with precious baby pics! come on!!!  Totally clever!  Take a look and you'll also spy hilarious signage, chocolate mustaches pops and tie cookies!


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