Friday, March 26, 2010

Not Your Momma's Paper Chains!

(image composition by Genevieve Le Bel) 

Merino fleece, sewn crepe paper and vintage ceiling tin... Holy gorgeous batman!  That's right lovelies, "garland making" has arrived!  Call these celebratory creations what you will, garlands, decorative chains, flag banners, it won't change the fact that they've come a long way!  Leaps and bounds really!  Just take a look!  Crafters are now creating these recyclable adornments for events big and small.  They're inexpensive and have massive WOW factor!  Hand made garlands are the perfect way to add personality to your next party!  Go for it!  Start stringing!

For more AWESOME paper garlands check out Tell Love and Chocolate!


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