Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paint Palette Pads

(Sophie's Easter notepads!!!)
(Labels created by Autumn Leah Designs)

I recently came across these adorable "paint sample notepads".  Instantly, I knew I'd be crafting my own!  They're cute, colorful and they're child's play to make!  I just love how unique they are!  Who doesn't love a useful, handcrafted gift?!  Coupled with a few coloring pencils, they're a perfect party favor!  Make a bunch and slip them into birthday cards,  use them as stocking stuffers, tuck them into Easter baskets, or gift them a "purse pads"!  The possibilities are endless!  So, the next time you find yourself at your local hardware store, help yourself to a few palette cards and get your craft on!
Check out this step-by-step tutorial
(source: whimsy girl)

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