Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WANTED: Three Year Old Theif

Well there you have it, it was bound to happen at one point or an other.  I... am harboring a criminal.  An incredibly adorable,  cunningly intelligent, brown-eyed THIEF!  Yep, I'm raising a shoplifter!  Truth be told, I'd been warned. (by her brother)  "Don't be fooled mom, she's cute but she's evil!"    This is the story of my three year old princess, the princess who STOLE an Easter egg stamp.  Hang on.  Here's her mugshot.
Okay, let's rewind.  The hub took the all three kids to the craft store to buy me a birthday present.  All good!  Upon their returned, my youngest daughter ran into my arms as she always does when she goes out without me.  It took me a sec, but I realized that she clearly had something going on.  Her "cat ate the canary" look told me she had a secret.  SHE DID!  She took a tiny something out of her pocket and said "Look mommy, I got this for your birthday!"  "It's for YOU, it's an Easter egg stamp!"  She was so happy that her smile lite up the room.  I hugged her tight because OMG it's working...  I, mother of the year, has tought this baby generosity and thoughtfulness!  Yeah ME!!!  "You're so sweet baby, thank you!"  
And then, it hit me,  "Did daddy give you money for mommy's gift?"  (say yes. say yes.)  She looked at me and said NOPE, I just took it for you!  O. MYGOD!  What???  I can't let this go can I?!  NO, of course not.  I heard her clear as day.  I have to fix this, I have to turn her over to the authorities!  Tough love.
So I did what any mom would do, I explained to my tiny tot that while her huge heart was in the right place, steeling is a felony! 
We went back to the scene of the crime and expressed our sincere remorse to management.  And with a dollar she earned by picking up plastic beads, she paid for the stamp in question.  Lesson learned!  (I hope!)
After all is said and done, my baby girl wanted to give me a birthday present!  Her actions melted my heart.  She's a rockstar and adore her.


Scraps said...

My baby brother did this once in the drugstore, just picked up a little display figure and walked out with it. When Mom realized what had happened she took him back to the store, made him apologize and had the manager give him a very stern talking to. He was 3. He's getting married next month at 25. He still remembers it.

Genevieve said...

Thanks for sharing! Here's to hoping Sophie remembers her "talking to" in 22 years! ;-)

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