Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When did "selfish" become a bad word?!

I'm so considered selfish by society's standards!  Not that I care, this label actually makes me smile!  Selfishness has been falsely accused, wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for far too long.  Today, I'm setting it free!  (evil grin!)  My guess is that the majority of women today believe that putting themselves first is a bad thing.  WRONG!  The very definition of said adjective is oppressive.  So negative!  Selfishness: concentrating on one’s own advantage and well-being...  So?!  Why is being concerned chiefly with one's own profit and pleasure such a deplorable act?!  Seriously?!   Could it be because we've been conditioned this way?  Uh, ya think?!  Does looking out for one's self really mean you can't look out for others?  Hell no!  I'd lay my life down for the people I love.  But that won't stop me from getting my nails done!  I bend over backwards for my children, AFTER I've sipped my latte and blogged a bit!  (giggle!)  I give TO myself as much as I give OF myself.  If that makes me selfish, bring it!  That old saying, "If Mommy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" rings true for me!  Actually, it thunders, booms and reverberates!  I'm a MUCH better mother when my cup has been filled!  TRUST ME!  I need "alone time" and I take it, often!  I regularly go out with my BFFs and I tend to run away from home allot!  In my world, weekend gateways aren't uncommon.  Guilt?  Not a chance!  Put yourself at the top of our "to do" list!  
Bet you'll like it!

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Janiece said...

your blog is pretty darn cute.
You can see Miss Rock's work here...she is so darn talented.

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