Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to the 80's Birthday Bash!

My time machine worked fabulously!  And I just couldn't wait to share my pics!  Are you ready?!  Here are some of the highlights from my "Back to the 80's Birthday Bash"!  This party was like totally rad!  ;-)  What an AWESOME theme!  When I plan an event, my guests usually know to expect the unexpected!  Well, this party was no exception!  FYI ~ I'm all about details, tones of ridiculously tiny details!!!  Enjoy!

The color palette was totally neon, VERY bright!  (Even the chocolate covered brownie pops got a hint of neon pink!)  
I crafted a dozen ADORABLE cassette tape cupcake toppers because... well no cupcake is complete without a topper right?!  I know, holy cuteness batman!  
Black and white  check tablecovers adored with Space Invaders party tape added just the right touch of ATARI chic!  (And yes, we hooked up a vintage Atari to the TV and played!)  
We bought a few funky frames and printed images from back in the day!  These were added to points of presentation throughout the party rooms. 
These animal print balloons  screamed 80's Metal Band so we filled the house with them!  I mean, there were bunches everywhere!  
I LOVE garlands, so I made my own using neon cardstock, a variety of paper punches and invisible thread.  FUN and so super easy!!!  
A small "candy bar" (ALL 80's candy of course!) was fashioned in the foyer and  guests were invited to fill a favor bag on there way out!  YUM!  
A bright flower arrangement infused with sliced citrus fruit served as one of many colorful centerpieces!  
As for food tags, we used Rubik's cubes as holders and swapped traditional labeling for silly 80's "sayings"!  The pigs in a blanket became "pigs in legwarmers" and the Swedish meatballs were renamed "Where's the beef balls"!!!  Oh, oh... and we also had a "just veg-out tray" and "like totally cheesy pizza"!  So funny!
Dress-up, Jello shots and get this... "ice invaders"!!!  I spent weeks making these mini ice cubes!  I couldn't help myself, I just HAD TO!  They were just to flippin CUTE!  Actually, they were "out of this world" cute!  Come on... that was funny!!!  ;-)



Writing Without Periods! said...

I loved the 80s and you did the party up well. Love the photos. At first I thought it was someone's 80th! Love the title of your blog.

Genevieve said...

Thx Mary!!! We had a blast!!!

Maggi said...

How fun is that?! Being a child of the 80s, this party looks radical indeed! Love it!s

Genevieve said...

Maggi, it totally was!!!!!!!! Ty for stopping by!

Michelle said...

"Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!" Wow, time warp! What a totally awesome party idea. It looks like you're very good at what you do. What a fun job! Peace. :)

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

CUTE party! Love the 80s and you have included some great details--especially love the space invaders ice!

Michelle @ LePoppyDesign said...

Awesome! I'm just now bopping over after reading your comment on our 80's shower.... this party is incredible! Love your style!! :)

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