Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dolce Vita Mia

My lovely daughters... Sophie (3) and Clara (11) sporting their new purplelicious headband!

Welcome to Dolce Vita Mia, the sweetest, most luscious place EVER!  This headband heaven is brought to us courtesy of mompreneur Mia Alva.  This incredible Superchick is a 3rd grade teacher (God bless her!) on a L O N G maternity leave with the youngest of her FOUR children! (4... Holy. Hell.)  Mia's designs are simply stunning!  Her unique color choices as well as her clever use of fabric and high-end rhinestones elevates her to artist status for sure!  I especially love how versatile her bands are.  You can pair your "pretty" (that's what my Sophie calls them!) with a party dress one day and tattered jeans the next!  Now that's priceless!  These headbands are definitely keepsakes. 

Oh, and FYI...  Mia was featured in Raising Arizona Kids!  (Can you say Rockstar?!)  The article is a fun read so check it out! 

Lastly, I just want to say...  Those who know me best will attest, I find tremendous joy in life's "little things".  Tiny treasures make me smile!  (Like say... gorgeous HEADBANDS!!!)  Also,  I appreciate the value of handcrafted items.  I believe that a person's time, passion and talent is worth the extra $.  If you're not convinced, check out this awesome article "3 reasons to pay more for your stuff" written by Tara Gentile at Scoutie Girl!

Dolce Vita Mia can also be found on facebook.



MaryRC said...

nothing like a great headband on an adorable girl

Mia said...

Ok, that is THE sweetest blog post EVER! Your little dolls look ADORABLE in the headband! AND Thank you SO much for supporting my creative escape!

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