Friday, April 2, 2010

Grocery Store Gifting

OMG... I'm totally FREAKING out!!!  (No worries, this happens to me often!)  Little things make me smile and fabulous finds make me freak!  I stumbled upon an awesome blog today "All the Small Things"   and wow, what a treasure trove!  You SO have to check it out!  I've seen tones of Easter related posts this week, most of them cute but kinda recycled.  So when I read "From Grocery Store Blah To Easter TA DA!!!"  I seriously couldn't contain my excitement!  Who knew stripped Easter candy of it's generic plastic packaging would offer such possibilities?  Oh, that's right, Gillian did!  She transformed these inexpensive goodies into super cute presents!  How refreshing to see so many inventive gift ideas!  If you have a passion for creative gifting and artful packaging you'll LOVE these "Grocery Store" creations, I PROMISE! 
To see more of Gillian's awesome transformations click "here".

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gillian said...

HOW FUN! Thank you for letting me be part of your fab site!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!

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