Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whimsical Wig


I love sharing fabulous finds with my girlfriends!!!  It makes me smile!  So take a look, cuz  OMG how SWEET are these?!!!  Nothing "mainstream" about this artist!  Her Revolutionary era Powder Wig, a la George Washington... come on, too funny!  Ashley Nizolek of (Btw, she's only 24... TWENTY FOUR!) hand pierces, saws and files her unique sterling silver creations before giving them a bright satin finish.  The end result totally rocks!  Her work is witty, charming and whimsical!  And to quote said artist, "You will be hard pressed to find someone wearing the same necklace, earrings or ring!"  Long live originality!  

Silver Patriotic Powder Wig Silhouette Necklace  $44 - Silver Tuxedo Bow Tie  Necklace  $48 - Old World Lock and Skeleton Key Stud Earrings in Silver  $48 - Little Pebble Trio Recycled Silver Stacking Rings  $48 - Tiny Flower Eyed Sugar Skull Studs  $48



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Marie said...

Love these!! I'm getting those cute skull earrings! Thanks for checking out my blog, I didnt even realize I had comments till today. Rock on Chika!

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