Thursday, May 6, 2010

~ Asked and Answered ~

Laura Marino Edwards asked: 

Can I tap into Superchick's Super Powers? I am organizing a series of cultural events for kids who have been adopted from various countries: Russia, China, etc. The budget is small so any ideas for quick simple centerpieces/decorations that can be easy switched from one country to another so they can be used for all events? Thanks!

Laura, I taped into my Super Party Planning Powers (I even struck a Superhero pose for ya!  HeeHee!) and this is what I came up with!  I hope this post serves as a springboard to your event planning process and inspires you to get your deco on!

As a starting point, I'd suggest an "international theme"! 

Deco ~ I'm kinda thinking "maps and globes" as a backdrop!  (You can go soft or bright!)  Using a neutral color palette would be cost effective.  These "basic props and colors" would be carried through each event.  (Table covers, runners, hanging decor, banners...)  Balloons are inexpensive and always add a fun, festive touch!  Especially when children are present!  But, if you prefer something that can be "recycled", I'd suggest paper lanterns or poms!  Pull your event together by incorporating "country specific" novelties on your tables such as flags, toys, mini passports, musical instruments...

Centerpieces ~ I'd suggest a flowering plant.  Since red is a prominent color in most flags, I'd choose a style with red blooms.  They're affordable, long lasting and can be used for all eventsNestle your plant a fun vessel such as a galvanized buckets!  You can create "plant posts" using international stickers.  SUPER cute!  To create visual interest, remember to vary the height and size of each post.  Use these for all events.  To individualize, simply add the country's Flag!  

If you're looking for height, you can create a real showstopper by simply clustering manzanita branches in a tall glass vase.  So simple!  Or, glam things up by spray painting and glittering the branches!  Everybody loves SPARKLE!!!

A few inspirational links: 

Asian favors (table novelties)

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Laura Edwards said...

Thanks so much -you rock! Lots of great ideas. I especially love the plant posts and flag garlands. I really appreciate the time and thought you took to put this together. I will be taking pics and will send you some to show you how it turns out.

Genevieve said...

YAY! Happy I could help! I look forward to seeing (and with your permission, posting) your pics! =)

Cape May Mom said...

Genevieve....i am trying to find you on twitter but your twitter icon is just taking me to not your twitter id. Follow me and say hi Elizabeth_N :) please!!! Cant wait to meet you at bloggy bootcamp

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