Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fiesta Fever

Happy  Cinco de Mayo Superchicks!!!

True story:  I literally just got back from Cozumel!  I know right, sucks to be me!!!  Two short days ago I was basking in the scorching sun and watching my beautiful children frolic in the waves.  Can I just say, I LOVE Mexico!  I also love Mexican cuisine!  YUM!  I hope you'll find time this week to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style!  I know I will!  ;-)

Get your deco on with these fab "Printables"!  

Want to add some spice to your next Mexican Style Fiesta?!  Say yes!  Say yes!  I absolutely love this "Fiesta Collection"  created by paper and cake!  The pics and colors are so festive, they just scream FUN!  For $14.95 you can Print~Cut~Party instantly, simply "click here"


Thank you to Kim at THE TOMKAT STUDIO for created and offering FREE Cinco de Mayo printable "party circles"!  Treat yourself, check out Kim's blog for creative ways to use her super cute tags!


Beer Margarita

This unexpected cocktail is totally DEE-LISH!!!!!

1 can of frozen limeade
1 12oz Can of Lemon/Lime soda
bottle of tequila
1 12oz bottle of light Mexican beer
course salt

1. fill a pitcher half way with ice, add limeade
2. fill limeade can with tequila (12 oz) pour into pitcher
3. Add bottle of beer.  Combine those ingredients
4. Now add soda. stir
5. run a cut lime across the top of the glass and dip the rim of glass into course salt
6. Pour margarita into salt rimmed glasses and serve (if you feel it is a little strong you can always add more soda)

These Mexican dishes and drinks will have you celebrating Cinco de Mayo in no time! 

Image and recipe compilation via stem



Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Fabulous post! I love that Paper & Cake set...adorable! Thanks for including my free printable file! Now, I'm off to have a margarita... :)

Party Box Design said...

mmmm i NOW need a margarita!!!!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Tomkat Studio makes the cutest stuff! I must have missed that free printable, good thing you posted it :)

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