Sunday, May 2, 2010

How addicted to facebook are you?

Yikes, it kinda looks like I'm teetering on the brink of facebook addiction?!  Nooooo!  Say it ain't so!  I LOVE fb, I'm on ALL the time!  OMG... I can't imagine my life without it!  (Okay, let me rephrase!!!)  

 10 warning signs that you may be addicted to Facebook

1. Facebook is your home page.  NOPE  (...but AWESOME idea!!!)

2. You update your status more than twice a day.  YEP (The world wants to know what I'm up to!)

3. You have over 500 "friends" half of whom you've never actually met.  NOPE (not yet!)

4. As soon as you step away from your computer you're on FB on your phone.  YEP  (That's normal right?!)

5. You are a FB stalker. You qualify as a FB stalker if you... 

a) click on someone's profile more than once a day even if they haven't messaged or tagged you in a photo.  (SOMETIMES!)
b) have dragged and dropped more than 3 FB photos (not from your own profile)  NOPE
c) actually go to a place mentioned on someone's page in hopes of seeing them in real life...creepy!  GOD NO!  Holy Hell that IS creepy!   NOPE  and WOW, kinda shocked, thought I might be a YEP on this one!

6. You change your profile picture more than a 12-year=old girl.  YEP  (I'm a pic addict!)

7. You have checked your FB page while reading this article.  NOPE (...but I will in a sec!)

8. You clean up your "wall" so it looks like you spend less time on FB.  (SOMETIMES!)

9. You are a member of more than 10 groups and respond to every event invitation "attending" even if you have no intention of going.  YEP and NOPE 

10. You change your relationship status just to mess with people.  NOPE  (Who does that?!)


If you truly need help with a fb addiction read this great article.  I will if you will!  ;-)  "How to Quit Facebook"



Pam *PartyStart.Me* said...

ROTFL OH that is me...well not all of it, but yeah I am hooked!
Thanks for the laugh!!


Genevieve said...

Glad I could make you smile!!! ;-)

Ms Bibi said...

Lmao...I might be a FB stalker, but the good news is that I am not addicted.

Thanks for stopping by.

{Not Quite} Susie said...

Haha I love it! I've found myself getting away from Facebook as I become more & more addicted to Twitter. :)
Thanks for stopping by my page- I'm definitely following back, I love your site! :)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

You won! Stop by my blog for details!

Mhel said...

Im 8 out of 10... ooh no!! hahaha.... Dropping by from SITS!

Sian said...

Lol, I'm guilty of some of them but definitely not the creepy ones! Stopping by from SITS to say hi. Great blog!

Michelle Life Buy The Beach said...

new follower! Love this post! LMAO

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