Monday, June 7, 2010

The world is my canvas!

I MUST own a ColorMe Table or a Paperpod! Oh, oh, or maybe a Lemonade Stand or a Play House!!!  Why?!  Cuz holy hell, how could I not!  These insanely fab play structures are SO super cool!  They're like giant coloring books!  Hello?!  Can you say IMAGINATION?!  Sure baby, go ahead and color on the table!  I love it!  I'm convinced these toys were created with Sophie in mind!  Totally brilliant!
If you've had the pleasure of meeting my budding artist, you know how crazy creative she is!  Check out a sampling of her work and I'm sure you'll agree that these fab finds are right up her alley!  Just sayin!  

~~ If you're more of a DIY kinda chick, you'll love this post!  Build your own custom playhouse in a snap!  Thanks to Betsy from COOLKIDS for hooking us up with this fab link!~~


JessRaquel said...

Hahaha the world really is her canvas.. I love the paperpod! I would totally be playing in that if I was a kid!

coolkids said...

OMG to the nail polish! wow.

I do love the table and pods. cute!

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