Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

I'm off to a picnic in a few and I wanted to bring something fun for the kids to snack on!  I chose cupcakes cuz let's face it people... who doesn't LOVE a cupcakes!!!  My red, white and blues turned out FABulicious!  Plus, they were quick and totally easy to make!  All I did was tweek a vanilla cake mix!  They pack a huge visual punch!  Genius, I know! 

~ follow directions on box
 ~ divided batter into 3 equal parts 
~ add red and blue food coloring to 2
  ~ layer batter and bake as per box directions

  I repeated the "divide and color" process with the icing and spooned all three colors into the same pipping bag.   The result was a super cool patriotic tie-dye effect!  
DIY cupcake toppers via Paper and Pigtails!

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