Thursday, July 15, 2010

A superchick's tips to stress free event planning!

Happy Day party planning bombshells!!!  I'm so stoked!  Pamela Smerker from Party Starters has asked me to share some trade secrets!  {GASP!!!}  lol  Truth be told, I'm like THE most relaxed event planner on the planet so cranking out this list was a piece of cake!  My "secrets" to making an event less stressful are super simple!  Rock my top 10 and you'll be GOLDEN!

1 - TikTok!
Do yourself a favor and PLAN AHEAD!  A “party in a pinch” is totally doable, but to avoid massive amounts of stress, give yourself TIME!  Time to brainstorm like a rockstar, research tons and shop shop shop!  If at all possible chicas, start weeks, no... months in advance!!!

2 - Embrace “to do”!
If you're looking for stress free, you HAVE to get your org on by creating a detailed "to do" list!  One that include EVERYTHING that needs to get done!  Space out your tasks and projects and you won't have a stroke!  Shopping for party favors the night before your event... yeah, not cool!

3 - Select a kick ass theme!
Themes are AWESOME cuz they allow you to focus!  Having tunnel vision rocks!  It totally simplifies the planning process!  Check it!  I’m planning a “Little Red Riding Hood” party for my daughters 4th birthday right, so for weeks now I’ve been collecting fun fairytale/woodland items!  Every time I see something red or gray, I’m like… whoop!  whoop!  How can I use this?!  Go ahead, think outside the commercialized box and theme up! 

4 - Elevate the awesomeness!
You heard me, get insanely inspired!!!  Stalk party planning blogs, online retailers, inspiration boards…  Take your theme to the next level!  If money was no object, what would you include?  Let your mind go there and get crazy creative!  Then, scale your outrageous ideas down!  Key tip... think "a few fab ideas" as opposed to "doing it ALL"!  You'll be stoked AND serene!  

5 - Emeral ain't invited!
Stifle your inner chef and resist the urge to try new dishes!  If you’re looking for stress free, PLEASE stick to old favorites!  Bake and freeze!  Oh, and check this out this foreign concept… when a guest asks if they can bring something SAY YES!!! It’s immensely helpful, lowers your cost and makes them feel awesome!

6 - Step away from the ledge! 
GF, if you've heard nothing else, hear THIS! You need to know when to STOP and say enough is enough!  Are your guests mind readers?!!!  They haven’t got a clue as to what “didn’t get done”!  So your water bottles aren't labeled, it’s O. KAY!  Trust me, nobody's walking away thinking, “Wow, that party sucked cuz Suzy Q didn’t…!

7 - Bag the clean house!
Unless your house is a pigpen, your focus should be on “the event” not on “Mr. Clean”! Please, I BEG you, don’t start spring cleaning the day before your celebration!  Seriously, now isn’t the time! Make sure the bathrooms sparkle and the toys are picked up!  You know you’ll have to clean up after the fact right?  So why in the world would you want to do it twice in two days?!  If you’re a clean freak, hire a service or put your kids to work!

8 - Expect Murphy!
Count on seeing Murphy's Law in action!  More often then not, anything that CAN go wrong... WILL!!!  Expect, prepare and don’t let it freak you out!

9 - Get off the CRAZY train!
Before your guests arrive, sit yourself down, have a cocktail and CHILLAX!  I’m not even kidding!  Do you really want to be a frazzled looking hostess-zilla!  I didn't think so!  My secret?  I focus on the guest of honor, the reason behind the event… parties are about people, not napkins!  Works every time!

10 - Have a funtastic time!
I always have a blast at my parties!  Why?  Cuz it's a PARTAY!!!  Once that first guest walks though the door, the party planning process is over!  Take a breath and reap the rewards!  You're a SUPERCHICK!  ENJOY!



coolkids said...

love your planning secrets! I will need to remember for my next party.:)

Pink Martini said...

Always good advice to pass along and easier said than done on the clean house. I swear that is the most stressful! :) xoxo

Pam @ PartyStart.Me said...

These are my absolute favorite set of rules! They are not only wise, but they crack me up! I love them and SO need to party by them!!

Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts said...

What a great list of rules!!!

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

I am so saving this and reading it before I host a party...LOL!!! This list is awesome!! :) Great job superchick!!!

Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

GREAT tips... woo hoo, thanks for making me think of just stepping back and LET it HAPPEN...

Events DEE-signed said...

Really great tips. I will definitely keep these in mind the next time I plan. Thanks!!

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