Thursday, August 19, 2010


Say it loud, say it proud!  Be bold!  Be YOU!  Be a SUPERCHICK!

For a while now, fans have been asking me to define "superchick"?!  Well, today's the day lovelies!

Simply stated, a superchick is a woman who ROCKS her life!  She's a bombshell who radiates confidence, tells it like it is and takes EVERYTHING she does to the next level!  She's someone who believes that life is too damn short to waste even a single second so she "Celebrates TODAY"!  She's passionate, creative, bold and just plain FUN! 
Are you a superckick?!  I know you ARE!  So go ahead, live like a rockstar, laugh till your abs hurt and love yourself as much as you love others!  I know you want to!  I DO!
And NOW, I'm toying with this idea of sporting my mission on a super hot T! 

I'd LOVE your thoughts!



Anonymous said...

I love it, especially the "Celebrate Today" one. What about different colors too?

Genevieve Le Bel said...

YES!!! Would LOVE to color it up!!! Thx for your thoughts and support MOM! LOL =)

Amelie said...

Hey toots! I think any Superchick included me needs some be-dazzle...I think you need to add some glitter or bling to this T. I'm all about the glitter! Not sure about the greeen...but by all means if green is your signature thing then go for it! I think superchicks rock it more in hot pink LOL LOVE IT muhaaaa xoxo

jo anne said...

i'll take a large

Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts said...

Love it!

Sunbasilgarden said...

I'm loving the tee and the philosophy! I'll take a large too..and how about some teal blue for a color suggestion.

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