Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Claralicious ~ Makeup, Modeling and Mavenistas!

I few weeks ago, my rockstar daughter celebrated her 12th birthday in superchick style!
Clara's a makeup maven who LOVES to get her pic taken!  S0 not sure WHO she gets THAT from!  (Looking away while whistling!) 
Selecting a party theme was tween's play!  Get it?!  As in child's play, but she's a tween...!?  OMG I kill me!!!

A Claralisious Event ~ Makeup, modeling and mini mavenistas! 

As is often the case,  we got our creative juices flowing by scheduling a photoshoot with our fave photographer, my girl Gail Bunning from Gail Anne Photography!
 One a personal note... Not sure when it happened, but my baby grew up.  How gorgeous is she?!!!  
(happy yet sad sigh)

OK, on to the PARTY pics!!!

The über talented Kim Stoegbauer
designed Clara's invitation and party circles!  Sooo pretty!
I used the party circles/tags to deck out pretty much EVERYTHING
Check out my custom Hershey Bar Wraps!

Clara's guests took home a fancy favor box filled with lipsticks and glosses
Again, LOVE the simplicity of my TomKat Tags!

The girls sipped on grape "mocktails"!  Now, I MAY have added "Goose" to MINE, but shhhhh!!!

 My purplelicious starpops were fit for the rich and famous!

Check out these gorgeous, handmade marshmallows from Have it Sweet
Oh.  My.  AWESOME!
 They arrived cut into FLAWLESS one by one inch squares and matched our color palette PERFECTLY! 

And hello?!!!  What's a sweets table without Kandy Kones?!  They're only THE hottest new addition to the party deco scene! (WINK!)

There are NO WORDS!!!  
Ok maybe a few... like SPEECHLESS and IN TOTAL AWE!!!  Charynn from Two Sugar Babies is the mastermind behind our incredible "makeup and modeling" fondant cupcake toppers!
We hired a makeup artist to glam up the minis and teach them a thing or two... or 3 or 4!
Clearly,  they didn't require much coaching in the modeling department!  lmao
Clara's guest created kickass neckware

In closing, more of ZEE CAKE!!!
Vanilla beans pound cake covered in vanilla buttercream and topped with an entire box of moist powdered donuts!!!

Happy 12th birthday Clara!  Mommy  loves you beyond words. 


Kristy {the purple pug} said...

LOL..You are amazing. I am totally crushing on those marshmallows! Love and adore the donut cake:)
Gorgeous daughter:) Beyond fabulous party, so what else is new? LOL!

Drvance19 said...

You do not look at all like you would have a 12 year old and she is beautiful!! I love the cupcake toppers, Two Sugar Babies does fabulous work.

jess @ pen n' paperflowers said...

Oh your daughter is beautiful - and I feel the same way about my girls....when did they grow up?!
Love the "mocktails" and the color scheme is totally perfect for a tween party! Thanks for giving me the heads up on your "cleverlicious" party! *wink* Happy Birthday Clara!!

Cari @ Socially Circled said...

Love. Love. SuperChick, you're daugeter is superPresh and the party was SuperFab!!! I'm kinda obsessed with the marshmellows and fondant toppers! Great party! Wish I was there! ; )

PartyMom said...

Those cupcake toppers and marshmallows are ah-ma-zing! Filing away vendor info now......

Happy Birthday to your cutie!

Kim @ Party Frosting! said...

donut cake ROCKS!!! yum! Party looks fantastic! Love how the famous kones are looking!

hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!/Party Frosting!
party inspiration

Ebony of Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC. said...

CUTE! I love the marshmellows!! I have always wanted to learn to make them! Kandy Kones are awesome!!!! I need to order some of those...
Fab party!


Party Box Design said...

looks like so much fun!

JC's Loft said...

Could not have done any better with your theme, so cute! Your daughter is one lucky lady to have you as a mom : ) Those cupcake toppers are over the top amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts said...

Love it and your daughter looks beautiful!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

My daughter would love this party~ well both of my daughters would;) You rocked it!

Helen Guzman :: bonito design said...

WOW, SUCH A GREAT PARTY! Everything came out amazing. I love the marshmallows.

Courtney said...

I love this! Such a fabulous job!

Melissa C said...

Love everything!!! & that donut cake.....yummy!!

Audrey @ Sweet Cheeks said...

This is freakin' awesome! I love-love-love it! The color combination and all the sweet details are just too much! I'm officially stalking you...but in an innocent, not at all creepy sort of way ;)

Princess Pookie said...

Clever! Clever! Clever! Forget my daughter, I want a prarty like this!:D

jo anne said...

so, i like think youre awesome and i want to be your friend...

Brandy said...

Looks like a great time. I love the photo shoot idea. I hope that she had a great time because it looks like a lot of work went into it and It looks Awesome.

Michelle said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh =)


Incredible details!

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

i love this party and I am so sad I missed the time to feature it!! =( I was traveling last week and missed all of the Halloween goodies and e-mails. Great job!

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