Thursday, October 7, 2010

Superchicks Uncensored - Sha Anderson

Do you ROCKS your life?!  Are you a bombshell who radiates confidence, tells it like it is and takes EVERYTHING you do to the next level?!  If you're a betty who believes that life is too damn short to waste even one single second...  If you're passionate, creative, bold and just plain FUN, you're a SUPERCHICK!

Welcome to "Superchicks Uncensored", a new series that spotlights FABULOUSLY POSH women! 
My first guest is a TOTAL rockstar!  
But first, I have to share...  I've had this secret fantasy forever...  It involves me wearing a mask and a sexy black tutu to this club and...  well, you fill in the blanks!  
No joke, my girl Sha's work is brilliant and always gets my juices flowing!  You heard me, I said Sha, as in THE Sha Anderson!!!  
Sha's in da house lovelies and I'm SO FREAKIN STOKED!!! 

If you're a fashionista who loves to party, you've heard of Sha!  She's the founder and concept designer of Chic by Sha, an up and coming label that in my opinion has already arrived!  I've been crushing on this Australian designer for months!  Me, and the rest of the words!  lol  Sha is a total sweetie, she's hot, and edgy and oh so so talented!  When she contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I'd feature her work, I JUMPED at the chance to not only pimp her out but also get to know her!
  Relish and Enjoy!

Q ~ Whadup with the pettiskirt obsession?! It's quite the unique niche!
A ~ My love for pettiskirt fashion initiated from my obsession with flowy skirts and dresses since a little girl. They're fun, always in style and beautiful!

Q ~What inspired you to "JUST DO IT" and start your own business?!
A ~ A few things made me to start my own business. When I had my first child 4 years ago, there was just this force that ensured me that it was the thing for me to do. I had a secret dream since a teenager to have my own business someday and it was absolutely the right time and spirit to do it and it has been a blast! The ever advanced technology also made me do the go ahead in this online business. I love computers, technology and gadgets - it has made my business run smoothly and conveniently for me and my valuable clients worldwide. Fashion blogs have been the new black, and to me, so are all fabulous blogs such yours!

Q ~You're work has received TONS of press, but "VOGUE Australia"???!!!  Did you just freak the freak out?!!!
A ~ Our press on Vogue Australia gave us the exposure on many levels that I was going for which was great. We received many interests of work from the wedding industry, dance, fashion and so much more. It opened many more doors for Chic by Sha which was worth it.

Q ~ What do you love most about doing what you do?
A ~ The best thing that I love about doing what I do is being able to pursue my dream and be with my family when they need me. Pursuing my dream to run my own fashion label pushes my ability to many levels in a good way. It allows my creativity to flow and share with my fans my style in fashion and having children can be fabulous!

Q ~ What makes you stand APART from your competitors?
A ~ Chic by Sha's motto and aim have always been to be unique in style and chic for both ladies and girls. I'm very pleased that I have achieved those in our lookbooks and presentations in our social medias, blogs, and website.

Q ~ How do you juggle so many balls?! HeeHee @ the word "balls"!!! :P
A ~ Lol! Yeah, it can be tricky at times, but as you would know, you just keep going. I take care of myself first, and then my family. Exercising, eating the right food and staying in touch with your family and friends keeps you stay centred and positive. Basically, the 'eat, pray, love' theme applies in my life which has helped me juggle tasks.

Q ~ Which combo best describes you?! "high-maintenance & catty"? "Chill & sweet"? or "super sassy & posh"
A ~ I love this question because it's fun and makes you know a side about yourself! I think I'm a combo of everything! Although my husband chose the 'Super sassy & Posh'.

Q ~ What would you say is the best piece of business advice you've ever received?
A ~ To be true to your style and all will follow.

Q ~ Do you have any knew "TOP SECRET" projects that you'd like to share with us? Shhhhh... we won't tell!!!
A ~ We are always expanding in different countries and will be working with one of US top Party Decorators next month which will be a lot of fun! New items are coming in very soon on our website so stay tuned!

Thanks Sha!  =)



Chic by Sha said...

Thank you for the fun interview, Genevieve! Chic by Sha team and I really love what you do and look forward to working togeher again in future. Merci et bonne journee!

Silver Daisies said...

Thanks for featuring her! LOVE her work!

Kristy {the purple pug} said...

Beautiful work. Definitely a Superchick:)

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