Monday, November 22, 2010

GIVEAWAY ~ The 12 days of Christmas!

TWELVE vendors ~ ONE lucky winner!
Melissa from Truly Chic Inspirations and Carrie from The Sweet Spot Candy Bar have teamed up and recruited some über talented superchicks to sponsor a kickass holiday giveaway!  ( of which is little miss ME!!!) 

On Wednesday, November 24th, one lucky winner will take home a boat load of FANTABULOUS goodies! 
Whoop! Whoop! 

~ Go to The Sweet Spot candy shop's fb page and find the post announcing this giveaway!  
Hint ~ Scroll down till you see this button!   
Click on that link for simple entry details!

I'm SO totally honored to be sharing the spotlight with such incredibly gifted lovelies!!!



Piggy Bank Parties said...

Such a KOOL giveaway! Wish this lil' piggy could enter! So glad to be rubbing shoulders with so many lovely Superchicks!

Ashley C. said...

I have been following you site now since July! I read about this giveaway today, and finally figured out how to get a blog account....LOL!!!! Anyhoo...SUPER excited about the giveaway...crossing my fingers BIG TIME :)

Melissa C said...

Thanks for being part of our giveaway!!! We feel honored to have such FAB ladies join us.

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