Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Velcome to a "BITE ME" birthday party!

Today's Posh Party Post is SO bloody FANGtasticGet ready... get set... get your VAMP on lovelies!  This vampire-themed birthday event will have you flatlining fo sho!

First up, our signature treat... chocolate covered marshmallow pops!  These babies are drip, drip, dripping with thick O+!  Yum!  lol

Check out my new POP STAND!!!  LOVE it!!!

Lauren's "Bite Me" snack station!

 The birthday vamp!

Posh palette candy mix!

Our vampcakes were so tasty, someone sank their fangs into them before the festivities began!

Brownie BITES

These limited edition Carmel Apple Hershey Kisses were a deadly addition to the treats table!

The "Bloody Laurens" were quite delish!

The girls used "toe tags" to identify their poison of choice
Cuz vamps are DEAD!  Get it?!!!  LOL
In true vampire style, the girls were up all night!
Individual "sleepover snack packs" kept them from feeding on mom and dad! 

Party favors were "Liquid Candy Blood Bags" and "DIY Fang Necklace Kits"  

The CLAN in their new tanks!  
"Fangs are Fabulous" and "Love at first bite" Iron-On Heat Transfers!  Best craft EVAH!  

Happy 11th birthday MIZ Lauren!!!  


Not Just A Mommy! said...

I would expect nothing less than super from you super chica! Love it, and I know the girls had a blast!

A Blissful Nest said...

Super fabulous!! Love it Gen!

Melissa C said...

I have to agree, this party is super FAB!

Kristen said...

Awesome G! Lauren was soooooo excited! Girls had a blast....wish I woulda gotten more pics myself! Esp. of the girls in their rocking "Fangs are Fantastic" iron on Ts!!!
I'm still finding the light up fangs all over too ;-)

Alyson Wentz said...

Fangtabulous, Gen! I know a few lovelies (quite a bit) over 11 who would "die" for these treats and decos. So much fun!!

JC's Loft said...

Sleepover Snack Pack...genius!! Details are AWESOME. Looks like a blast!

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