Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FREE wine tag printables designed EXCLUSIVELY for my superchicks!

Brace yourselves for awesomeness superchicks cuz have I got a treat for you!  No joke dolls, this post is DA BOMB!!!  

My blog's been hyjacked yet again but this time by little Miz overachiever!  Paula from  Frog Prince Paperie has designed (Exclusively for US might I add...AGAIN!!!) 3 slammin wine tags!  Plus, check it, in an effort to dumb it down for the not so crafty, she's included tutorials!  LMAO
Download your tags for FREE as a gift from us to you, then share Paula's genius and wit with all of your BFFs too!!!!  =)

The frog has moved in to take over Superchick’s blog for the day, while the owner is otherwise {ahem} indisposed. She croaked or something? In exchange for your undivided attention, we’re offering up something you can’t refuse…some free printables to go on all those wine bottles you’ll be toting to holiday parties this year. Wine bags are SO 2009.  And since these are so quick and easy to make, you’ll have no excuse but to use them.

But seriously, thanks to Genevive for asking me to guest post. It was quite fun to whip up something a little different than I do on a daily basis at Frog Prince Paperie! And like I always do, I got a bit carried away, and instead of ONE tutorial, you get a three-fer.

 Download "Bogart" tags HERE!

This Humphry Bogart quote and I have a little history; it was on the very first wandering cocktail party invitation I started in my neighborhood seven years ago. I still love it, and am so happy to have another opportunity to use it. This is a quick and easy tag to put together; you may want to make a batch just to have so you’re always prepared with a chic looking hostess gift. There’s even room there on the bottom for signing your name!

So after you print the “bogart tags” file to cardstock and cut out the rectangle, you’re pretty much just getting that silly ribbon to stick to the card. For the ones I made, here’s my process…and please pardon my unmanicured hands. Painted nails are sadly no longer on the priority list!

1.     I got fancy and busted out the rounded corner punch. This is completely optional on your part.
2.     Score slits. There are a couple of lines on the card for where you should score. I left them short in case you use a smaller ribbon than I did (7/8 inch wide). Just make sure all three slits are wide enough to slip your ribbon through!
3.     Cut 16 inches of ribbon or so. Loop your ribbon like you’re putting it over the bottle, holding together both ends. Make sure everything lays correctly.
4.     Take the two ends of the ribbon and string them through the first slit from the back at the same time.
5.     Finish stringing the ribbon through as shown.
6.     After you’ve made sure everything is the right length for putting over your wine bottle, secure the ribbon in place. I used packing tape. Hot glue will give this a little nicer finish…but I was in a rush…
7.     With ribbons secured, loop over wine bottle and trim the ends and you’re done!

Download "Mark Twain" tags HERE!

This tag is extremely uncomplicated to put together. Print and cut out the “mark twain tags” file, punch the corners, leave them as is, your choice…

Then fasten the ribbon to the back, about a 9 inch length. Again, I used clear packing tape for speed. Hot glue might have a crisper finish were someone to flip over the wine tag and scrutinize your nice gift. But you probably have nicer friends than that.

  Download "Wine Circle" tags HERE!

This last wine tag is a little more work, but it’s worth the impressive look.
The “wine circles” file has a few options on it for your tags.  Print and punch the circles, and you’re ready to start. I originally saw the basis of this idea at A Fabulous Fete in this post ( 

1.     Cut a 1.5 inch by 11-12 inch strip of paper and accordian fold the whole length. Make sure the edges line up precisely as you’re folding or you won’t be able to make the circle at the end (lesson learned by trial and error!)
2.     Put hot glue on one end of the folded piece.
3.     Press the ends together and hold until set.
4.     Spread folded piece outward till a cone forms, then lay on table to flatten out to a circular fan.
5.     Put hot glue in the center, making sure to fill up the hole so the fan stays together. Put the “toast to the host” or other wine circle on the glue while still hot, then hold until the glue sets. If your accordian pops out of place, add a little more glue behind the wine circle.
6.     Glue a loop of ribbon in place, then glue the circle fan to the ribbon. Place over the wine bottle, and gift away!

Thanks again for letting me visit, and happy holiday wine gifting!

Paula Biggs

Paula, that was freakin AWESOME!  You rocked it sistah!  Thx for crashin!


JC's Loft said...

Oh so fun to see Paula over here. Love her : ) I'm totally going to use the "Sometimes to much to drink isn't enough" quote, haha!

Love Paula's design's and these tutorials rock!!!!

Paula (yes, my name is Paula to :)

A Blissful Nest said...

They are so cute!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

these are SUPER :)

Pink Laundry Events said...

I totally love this .. And I'm printing them out right now .. Gonna get my craft on :) Thanks so much for sharing these .. Love them
Pink Laundry Events

A Few of My Favorite Things said...

Two of the most fabulous ladies around working together? It's no surprise the result is stupenderfic!

Party Box Design said...

so fabulous!!!

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

OH MY!! These are so fun!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Love them! :)

Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Wow, Paula has really been busy--and as usual, super-creative! (Just saw her own post on her "Joyeux Noel" tablescape with turquoise--fabulous!). Thank you, Genevieve, for having her guest on your super-fun blog.

Tiffany said...

I just found your site via 'One Pretty Thing'. These tags are AMAZING! I love them and could have used a couple the past few weekends for parties I attended. Thank you for sharing.

samone said...

lovely! but i cant seem to download from scribd??? are you able to email them?

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