Monday, December 13, 2010

My blog's been hijacked by Goodie Girl!

What the...  I look away for a split second and my girls hijack my blog?!!!   Spotlight steeling, back stabbing, attention grabbing bombshells!!!  
Wait a sec,  these posts ARE FREAKIN AWESOME!!!  I take it ALL back!  Go forth lovelies... ROCK my blog lovelies!  

Sit back and chillax superchicks!  JoAnne from oh goodie designs has cooked up a lip-smacking, finger-licking, melt-in-your mouth guest post!

Take it away Goodie Girl!

As I write for CELEBRATE TODAY, I am thinking how fun it would be to hang with my virtual friends during the holidays. Don’t you know we would rock out the holidays with amazing drinks , décor and more. I am honored to be a guest today for my super fun friend, Genvieve. Thanks for asking.

Celebrating during the Holidays with friends is a must. Warm up with some drinks and sweets and your friends will celebrate YOU!

Host a COCOA MIX-er
Nothing screams Holidays like a cup of hot cocoa. Set up a cocoa bar for your guests with yummy toppings. Serve in really cute mugs and add that special touch of a cute paper straw or marshmallow stir stick. 

You could even decorate a special mug for each guest or find one especially for them that they can take as a gift.

Serve these delicious peppermint cupcakes to warm their tastebuds. Yummy peppermint cake topped with peppermint bark and peppermint buttercream. YES!
Make vanilla flavored cake mix as directed.
Add ½ teaspoon peppermint extract
3-4 drops red food coloring or gel
Use your favorite buttercream frosting recipe and add ½ teaspoon peppermint extract.  

Add to your Peppermint Party with... 

Cocoa and Cocktails

In the mood for chocolate?  Yes, always.
Try this Chocolate Martini
2 oz vodka
1 ½ oz crème de cacao
Rim glass with cocoa
Or a Candy Cane Swirl Cocktail
1 oz. vodka
3 oz. red juice (cranberry, raspberry or cherry)
½ oz grenadine
Lemon lime soda
Top off with a sugared rim and a candy cane stir stick

Cupcakes and cocktails go good together so serve these delicious cocoa infused cupcakes.

Make cupcakes using devil's food cake mix as directed.
Top with marshmallow cream icing and a peppermint marshmallow on top.  I like to use one jar marshmallow cream and one tub cool-whip.  Or again, use your favorite buttercream recipe.
So, enjoy these few ways to MIX it UP during the holidays.  Enjoy your holidays and most of all enjoy celebrating your friends!!  But always celebrate safe party people!!
XOXO, your Goodie Girl

Awesome post rockstar!!!  Thanks for sharing with my superchicks! 
For your very own "goodies to go", visit JoAnne's etsy shop

Make sure to check in Wednesday 12/15 and Friday 12/17 for more "hijacked" posts! 


Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Loved your Cocoa Party post so much, we just had to share it on our FB page! You can check it out there. All the best for the holidays!

Kim @ Party Frosting! said...

woohoo! Hijacking time baby! LOVE all the peppermint this year! YUMMMM!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

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