Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Superchicks UNITE - Link up your goals for 2011!

Rehzoz are so last year!  

Superchicks set "GOALS"!  (Cuz we're cool that way!)

Welcome to MY top TEN chicas!

Laugh daily - till I cry or my abs hurt!  Whichever comes first!

Chill the freak out - about things I can't control!

Focus G Focus - Must find a cure for Scattered Thoughts and Bubble Brain!

Keep a calendar - Rumor has it... they help you remember stuff!

Be on TIME - I'm so OVER being fashionably late!

Pimp up my studio - I think I need a BAR in there!

Increase productivity -  I'm done with "busy work"... 
from this day on every second counts!

Double my income - Let's face it, CASH is COOL!

Outsource and Delegate - Because even superchicks can't do it all!

Be thankful - I want my people to feel the love! 

FYI - Loving this post, check it out!  22 Etsy New Years Resolutions You'll Want To Make



Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

I love keeping each other accountable! Happy New Year!

Latisha Horton said...

I love, love, love... this post! I am especially vibing with: Keep A Calendar, Be on Time, Double my Income, and OUTSOURCE AND DELEGATE... that's the biggest for me - knowing how to relinquish control and say, "hey, I need help" ... thank you for that post Superchick! Cannot to get this 2011 show on the road!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

What? You don't already have a bar in there?

Ava said...

I'm so with you on all of this! I need to laugh daily and chill out! Definitely need to get rid of the mush brain (I forget everything!) I haven't used a calender since I had my 1st born (6 1/2 years ago), perhaps why I forget everything! Lol. Also, always late for everything, which is getting embarrassing now that I can't blame it on infants who needed something. But I have one more goal, which is to finally reclaim my body that I have neglected since having my boys!! Time to tone up and reduce chub!

MrsJenB said...

I am loving your "double my income" goal. I could definitely live with that myself!

Tini Posh said...

Love this post!! Great top ten!!

PartyMom said...

Fantastic goals! I hadn't actually made anything specific, so thanks for the opportunity!

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