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VDay entertaining "SuperTISH" style!

I just LUVVV when my party girls are in da house!!!  Especially when their "guest posts" are overflowing with inspiring goodness!  
Latisha has gone above and beyond for us today so make sure you show her some epic social media love!   FYI - She rocks and I totally stalk her blog!  Shhhhhh!!!

Enjoy superchick!

Last week I received an email from Genevieve (aka Superchick/Celebrate Today… the Superchick Way) inquiring to know if I would be interested in writing a guest post for her blog.  So, here I am today (*cheesin*) writing my guest post!  This is my very first guest post for any blog so please bare with me … I will do my absolute best not to bore you to death.  So, let’s get this party started and let’s “Celebrate Today … the SuperTISH way!”

I was given a bloggy mission by the Superchick…  mission: focus your post around entertaining. The first thing to come to mind was entertaining for Valentine’s Day.  Now, maybe that was a little predictable, but I bet you didn’t predict… that I would be sharing TEN FREE Valentine’s Day printable files!

Before we get to those lovely printables – I’ve decided to break the “Valentine’s Day” entertaining post into 5 different sections:

“All My Single Ladies”
“Frugal Love”
“A lil Something Extra”
“Cool Candy Kid”
“Facebook Love”

All My Single Ladies

Okay so does the thought of Valentine’s Day make you cringe?  Does the sight of all the pink and red products and fluffy stuff animals in your local Wal-mart annoy you?  Are you seriously considering sending yourself flowers and candy AGAIN?

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you don’t need a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day or better yet… did you know that you have SINGLE GIRLFRIENDS/BOYFRIENDS!?

That’s right let’s make this Valentine’s Day about you and your single friends this year.  After Googling 1,000 websites I found absolutely nothing (sorry)! Just Kidding… I found some awesome ideas and maybe you’ll find something useful you can incorporate into your V-day and make it special this year:

1. Single Cruises: These cruises are awesome and usually cost $100.00 or less!  Round up a group of your friends and wear your favorite red/black dress, eat a lovely dinner, dance, laugh, and meet new people! Just Google “Valentine’s Day Single Cruises” in your area.

2. Movie Night: Round up a group of your friends/family and make it a movie night! Just sit around indulge in chocolate and watch all of your favorite movies.  You can even do a “gift exchange” pull names out of a hat and buy each other Valentine’s Day gifts. The opportunity to spend time with people you already have “relationships” with (family/friends) is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

3. Throw a Party: Throw a small intimate party for yourself and several of your “single” friends/family. Find a theme you’re interested in and entertain!  If you don’t want to throw an “adult” party you can have the kids join in and have a “Single Parent” party filled with activities (i.e. baking and decorating heart shaped cookies, crafting cards, playing board games, playing the Wii, etc.)

Frugal Love

So, you’re a cheapskate and you want to do something special for your significant other, but really don’t have the money. Well, I found the cutest idea on: The City Sage Blog

This beautiful tablescape cost the designer only $60.00 and if you’re a true party girl to the heart then it would most likely cost you NOTHING, because you already have all of the supplies! As you can see the table was covered with three different colors of Crepe Streamers (which usually average about $1.25 each), three candle holders and candles, four candy dishes, four glass plates, silverware, and some sweets thrown in here and there and voila!
All images were retrieved from:

A lil Something Extra

Maybe you need a quick idea for the kids candy/card exchange at school, a party, special dinner, etc. Click on the links below to explore several (awesome) DIY tutorials found on

Here are few of my favorites:
All images were retrieved from:

Cool Candy Kid

There are too many ideas floating on the web for you to send your child out with those ugly 99 cent Valentine Day Cards from the Dollar store – yuck! Let your kid be the cool candy kid and check out this adorable Valentine Day Card idea for all of you Superchick Momma’s out there:

 This image was retrieved from:

Here goes another idea:
This image was retrieved from:

Facebook Love

Last, but not least I would love to share with you TEN… that’s right TEN FREE Valentine’s Day Printables. The theme for my Valentine’s Day printables is – Facebook Love.  Let’s face it … it has officially became NORMAL to meet/date someone you’ve met from an internet social network (or even flirt and text!) So, if you have a “Facebook Love” or “Facebook Bug-a-boo” then you will thoroughly enjoy these printables.

Download your FREE "facebook love" printables HERE!

Well, as I wrap up this post I would like to thank Genevieve for sharing her blog and fans with me and for giving me the opportunity to guest post. I had an awesome time Googling and finding cool Valentine’s Day entertaining ideas for you. If you have any questions or would just like to learn more about me you can find me at a website near you:

In Superchick’s words… see you around lovelies!


Tini Posh said...

Love the post SuperTish!! Great job!!

Latisha Horton said...

Awww thank you so much my virtual BFF (Claudia)! And thank you Gen for sharing your blog and fans with me today.



bianca said...

Love the FB icons! Especially the "dislike" one :) Super cute!

Kori Clark said...

Great job on the guest post! Cute!

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