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Superchicks Uncensored - Jessica Kirkland

Do you ROCK your life?!  Are you a bombshell who radiates confidence, tells it like it is and takes EVERYTHING you do to the next level?!  If you're a chica who believes that life is too damn short to waste even one single second...  If you're passionate, creative, bold and just plain FUN, you're a SUPERCHICK! 
 Welcome to "Superchicks Uncensored", a AWESOME series that spotlights FABULOUSLY POSH women!

 Give it up for...

THE oh so phenomenal Jessica Kirkland from Pen and Paperflowers!!!


J was my FIRST online crunch!  Her blog is the FIST I ever "followed" and when I started this series last year, she's the very FIRST person I thought of!

Check out Jessica's NEW (Pastry Pedestals™).
(Classic Red Ball birthday party as seen on HWTM)

YES, she's got MAD SKILLS and a TOTALLY CRISP design style, but there's more...  It's the weirdest thing really!  Jessica's blog posts make me DREAM!  She makes me want to be a better ME!  I tend to "take  a deep breath" and "smile" every damn time I think of her EPIC TALENT!

She's About To PopOver The Moon (As seen on Amy Atlas!!!)

The "Keeping it Real" portion of her posts speak to her authentic AWESOMENESS!  So yeah, there's something special about this superchick!

FUN FACT: Jess is a brand-new blog contributor for HWTM!  I know right?!!!  How crazy FAB is THAT!

 My interview with Jessica!

Q ~ What inspired you to "JUST DO IT" and start your own business?!

A ~ I’d have to say the list I created for my “Before Birthday goals” is what finally pushed me to open up an Etsy shoppe offering P.I.Y. (print-it-yourself) invitations, announcements, party accessories and digital art.

Q ~ What do you love most about doing what you do?!

A~ My favorite part is that it is ever-changing. I am easily bored and therefore working on new projects, designs and events always keeps me challenged and excited!

Q ~ Event stylist?! Graphic Artist?! or... (insert title here)!!!

A ~ How about “designer”. Design plays such an instrumental part in every aspect of what I am passionate about. From blogging, creating invitations, decorating my home, hosting a party, photography, craft projects, etc. Yes...I think ”designer” is all inclusive.

Q ~ What would you say makes you stand APART from your competitors?

I’d have to say the fact that I’m able to fully engage in every aspect of event planning - from creating the invitation to planning the event to photographing the details to baking some of the goodies - it actually allows me to execute an event from concept to completion.
I’m able to set the stage for the event by designing the invitation myself and then the details unfold and are even determined at times by what I think will photograph best or what new recipe I’m excited about or even how I can incorporate the things I’ll be using at the party into my home decor afterwards. I think I’m privy to foresight into things other people may not consider because I have experience and knowledge in so many different crucial aspects of the entire process.

Q ~ What event planning trend are you crushing on right now?

A ~ Hmmmm....I ADORE dessert tables. Design and dessert. The perfect combination for a lover of design desserts. They are my favorite thing to do. It allows me to have a visual focus on the event and it actually ties in all of details in one nice, very sweet place.

Q ~ How do you juggle so many balls?! HeeHee @ the word "balls"!!! :P

A~ I ask myself that every morning. There are days I do better than others and there are many days where I feel I’ve failed miserably. I think it’s a continual process of self-discovery - learning what works for your own family...learning how much time a particular task takes...and ultimately being willing to accept that things aren’t going to be perfect or that everything is going to get done - especially when you want it to. I have to say the best thing I’ve done for my business and family is waking up at 4a.m. everyday. Some people are night owls but I perform best by getting to bed early and getting a jumpstart on my day before the kids wake up.

Q ~ Which combo best describes you?! "high-maintenance and catty"? "chill and sweet"? or "sassy and posh"?

A ~ Your descriptions crack me up...high maintenance would not describe me personally - as far as my hair, etc. However, my expectations for perfect party details or how I decorate my home would certainly fall into that category. Only because I’m always striving for something unique and different and for some reason, what I think is a “normal” request always seems to turn into something difficult. (Ex. I’ve always wanted a really long harvest table for our family to sit at. After much searching, I realized my request isn’t something easily found at retail stores so we ended up having to have one made). I guess I just don’t like to “settle”. If I have a vision in my head...I’m really hoping for that end result and settling for something “similar” just doesn’t seem to be an option. (not that I haven’t me...there’s been plenty of that)! *wink*

Personality-wise, I think I’m pretty sweet. I’m always careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings or step on people’s toes. Sometimes I place more imporatance on the feelings of others more than my own. (which isn’t always a good thing). I can BE sassy and posh but that’s not who I am most days.

Q ~ Do you consider yourself to be a "superchick"?!!! ;-)

I do NOW...since the ultimate superchick reached out to me to have me do this interview! *wink*

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Thanks a bunch for playin superchick!  You ROCK!

Kiss Kiss


jess @ pen n' paperflowers said...

You are the SWEETEST Gen!!
Thank you so much for the fabulously fun interview! You always make me smile and I had no idea I was the first blog you ever followed. I am completely flattered. Like "get the freak outta here" flattered!!! *wink* Hugs!!!

Melissa C said...

I love Jess & her work! ;)

Laura { Eye Candy Event Details} said...

She is AHHH-MAZING! She was also one of my 1st followers when I came on the scene late last year - instantly fell in love with her style - she is real, fresh & someone you can relate to! If she had a million fans - it wouldn't change her - she would still be just as sweet! =)

Kristy {the purple pug} said...

Love and adore Jess. Epic talent and a superchick for sure:)

Courtney - said...

Beautiful picture! Love all her work! :)

Kori Clark said...

I agree about Jess's blog! She makes me want to be a better "me" too!! She is cute and sweet and talented all in one!!

Renee said...

Thanks so much for featuring our friend, Jessica! She is totally awesome in every way! I am so proud of her and all the wonderful things she has accomplished! She is such a sweetie, too!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Love Jessica!!

Ebony of Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC. said...

Jess totally ROCKS! I love all of her work! Her Sunshine and Lemonade party is my absolute favorite!
She's a total Superchick!

Congrats on being HWTM contributor!


Renee said...

Hi, Genevieve....I left a message for you on my blog. Oh, and now I am following yours! It is so nice to meet you!



Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Great feature as always, Genevieve, of another super-creative lady! So exciting to see all the talent out there for making fab celebrations!

Renee said...

Thank you, Genevieve! I appreciate your note! Yayyyy, to bloggy friendships!

*~LaVonne~* said...

Great interview! I got the pleasure of meeing Jessica & she is such a fun & inspiring lady! :D

Bird said...

Jess, LOVED the interview!! very inspirational!

I too get bored easily, and try to get stuck into many aspects of the "design" process from invites to the execution of the party, baking and photography - So I guess we have a lot in common! :D

Way to go on being a the HWTM contributor too! You go girl!


JC's Loft said...

Fun read! She's awesome and her designs are amazing!


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

WOW, this girl is amazing!

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