Monday, April 4, 2011

"Military Man" Party! ~ Part TWO

Happy Day sweet superchicks!

You ready for PART TWO of Niko's "Military Man" Party?!

I'm SO happy you enjoyed "Part ONE"Ur enthusiasm had me way BLUSHING!  

If you missed it, quick, click "HERE" to catch up!  It's packed with tasty treats from my fave vendors and fab printables by Kristy Stephenson from Posh Pixels Design Studio!  

WARNING:  If you're lookin for "traditional", this ain't it!  lol

I'm jumpin in feet first with...

"Target Practice" 
(AKA) Coolest party activity EVAH!
Party Favors: The boys got to take their body targets home!

You know that moment when the sky opens up and the angels start singing?!!!  Yeah, totally happened when I found The Country Creek Winery!
They have a military truck AND a helicopter on the property?  WHAT???!!!  TOTAL SCORE!!!  
I nearly fainted!  Seriously!  

 What's a party without garlands right?!  Well mine SCREAM different!  
Why?!  Cuz I used plastic bullets!  
I needed MORE so I hot glued plastic army men to my Triple Crêpe Paper Streamers!  AWESOME Punch!

In addition to their "body targets" guests took home a Camo Cake Slice Box designed by my girl Pamela Smerker from Party Starters!  
They were filled with candy of course!
Authentic cartridge boxes housed plastic grenades!  ...which were sound activated to BOOM!  
(I found the grenades at my local $Store!)  

To keep the boys entertained, we invited Tom, a war veteran, to "show & share" his military stuff!

My gf Tammie found Niko authentic Air Force BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform)!!! 
She EVEN arranged for her son, AFJROTC 1st Lieutenant Steven Berry to present my bday dude with his SUPER SPECIAL gift!
He was in TOTAL AWE!

LOVING the camo netting!

Let me wrap up by saying that this party was freakin AWESOME!
I love gettin crazy creative and thinking outside the box!  Hope this party inspires you to do the same!
EPIC THX to...  

Sara from Dandy Delights 
Nicole from Dough a Deer 
Pam from Party Starters 
Tammie Linville (Cadet Barry's mom)
and Joy from The Country Creek Winery    



JC's Loft said...

I need to keep these pictures away from my son because he will want everything you did!! Awesome seriously rocked it!!

And can I just say this is one tasteful party LOL...yes I went there!


Audrey @ Sweet Cheeks said...

I seriously can't get enough of this party! Love seeing great ideas for boys...and of ROCK!

Jill {peasandthankyous} said...

Seriously, you rocked everything a boy could want for his party. I know you were stressing about planning it because he didn't want a theme or anything, but any mom who will decorate with camo nets and plastic shell magazines and do macho boy stuff like this is a TOTAL SUPERCHICK!!

jo anne said...

awesome!!! all i can say is nico is super cute!!!

PartyMom said...

Love, love, LOVE the target practice activity! This is just so guy and filled with so many fun ideas!

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