Monday, April 18, 2011

POP goes the carrot!

A superchick approved TREND!

I SUCK!  So go ahead, call me a "follower"... I deserve it! (hanging head in shame)

My crime...
I jumped on the "cupcake shooter" train! 

What can I say!  I LOVE a new contraption and these "push pops" looked WAY fun!  LOL 

NO, I don't think you all are ding dongs!
YES, I know you CAN layer cake, fruit and frosting...
but I had time so I channeled my inner photographer!

Smush it all in and pop on the lid!
  (Holy Hell! My nails SOOO needed a fill!)  
WAY mortified!  MUST look away!!!

I just HAD to have these little green carrot tops!  
No joke bombshells, when I spied these I SQUEALED like a school girl!
My kids HIDE when we run errands!
(Found these at my local $Store!)

A drop of hot glue to fill the hole...

Another drop to attach and DONE!

FYI ~ I bought my push pop containers (with lids)  from CupKatesEventDesign!
Happy Easter Superchicks!
Hope it's epic! 

kiss kiss


JC's Loft said...

Holy goodness those are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday : )


Alanna said...

I think it just makes you cooler. Some people have to lead!! We will follow.

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I love how you 'smushed' the cake in the pop..totally how I would do it!

and I saw those carrot candy things at $ Tree..I'm going back to buy them :)

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable! Now I want to make some :)

The Favour Shoppe said...

too CUTE!

Jennifer Boyce said...

I CANNOT wait to get my 24 pushpops from Kate (UPS tracked they left this morning - YIPPEE!!!).

Love this recipe - I'll definitely do this one!


Not Just A Mommy! said...

Yeah! Glad you are on board! And you came out of the corner swinging, those are so clever!!!

Melissa C said...

Great idea!
I'm lovin' the black nails ;)

The Boyz Mum said...

Gen- You are amazing! They are so cute.

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

FREAKING CUTE!!! They look delicious!

PartyMom said...

I’ve been iffy on the cupcake pop trend...but I definitely love the way you added the carrot tops! This is what makes you a Superchick!

Sheek Shindigs said...

Love, love, love these!! So cute. I want one!

Audrey @ Sweet Cheeks said...

I bought a CASE of the Push-up Pop containers and haven't had a chance to use them yet - LOVE this idea!!! I have a couple bags of those SAME carrot containers too...we left them out as bunny bait
(and left cocoa puff "droppings" where each carrot was hidden...m son was TOTALLY convinced the Easter Bunny dropped deuces all over the house ;) Thanks for another FAB idea!

Terri said...

These are AWESOME!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are super cute. Where did you get the little green carrot top?

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