Thursday, May 19, 2011

DIY ~ Crêpe Paper Flowers!

My girl Terri from Terri's Treasures is in da house with a FABU tutorial!!!  I kid you not, this superchick is sweeter than a cake pop!  Terri is best known for her INCREDIBLY AWESOME cake balls but check it, she's also the brains behind Crafty Workin Mommy!  Crazy cool right?!  
Feel free to stalk her on facebook!  Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

Drumroll please...
Take it away Miz T!

 DIY ~ Crêpe Paper Flowers!
Hello, I am so excited to be guest posting on Celebrate TODAY... the superchick way!  I am getting ready to have a birthday party for my girls in a few weeks and I am in the planning stages.  I recently ordered the most adorable Little Red Riding Hood party Kandy Kones™ from Genevieve and she included the most darling crêpe Paper Streamers!  
(I know, I know... I ROCK that way!!!  HeeHee  ~ Genevieve)

I have seen these used all over the party world and love them.  I was recently on one of my new favorite sites Pinterest and found this picture and pinned it. 
The problem was when I went to the link, it wasn't a detailed picture tutorial AND WASN'T IN ENGLISH!
So I have recreated it for you today with a couple of changes.  
I hope that you enjoy it!

First you will need your crêpe paper, you can sew down the center of one color roll or use two different colors like I did.
(No sewing skills, no problem... order your streamers from ME ME ME!!!  Click HERE to get your crêpe on! ~ Genevieve) 
Say it, I'm totally SHAMELESS!!!
Ok... back to you T!  lol

Next you will need to cut one edge of the paper.  In the picture I found on Pinterest they used a scalloped scissor, however, my dollar store scallop scissor would NOT work so I used my pinking shears for a different look and they worked great. 
I then measured out 3 feet of crêpe paper and cut it so that all of my flowers will be the same size. 
 You will now want to get a needle and thread it with a matching color of thread and start to thread through the crêpe paper on the opposite edge. (not the edge that you just cut)  
Once you go all the way through the crepe paper strip with your needle and thread you will want to roll up the crêpe paper again.
Now for the fun part, start pulling on the needle and thread while holding the flower to pinch in the end. Turn over your flower to make sure it looks the way you want it.
You then want to put a stitch or two through the center to make sure the layers stay in place...
and you are finished!

Awesome Tutorial Terri!  Thx a bunch!
Enjoy superchicks!



Terri said...

Thank you so much for letting me hijack your blog today and for the adorable party cones and crepe paper, you are the BEST!!!

Party Box Design said...

oooo super cute!

Jen @ said...

BEAUTIFUL! Great job, Terri! And Super Chick, of course you rock, too! xoxo

Tini Posh said...

Oh my..I LOVE! Great tutorial..about to pin it to Pinterest : )

Open Channel Time said...

Very Cute! Just added your Button to my Blog :)

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

So pretty with the two-color crepe paper! The results are stunning. :-)

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