Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Hello... is this thing ON?!!!


My sweet, supportive, incredibly awesome Superchicks...  How I've missed thee!!!  I've been trying to access my Blogger account for MONTHS...  without ANY success.  Like NONE.  The frustration's been EPIC!  No joke, I've literally wanted to smash MAC against a brick wall!  (Note to self: Call to thank the anger management helpline!!!)

(custom pocket mirror by AnnieQDesigns)

I'd almost given up, but for whatever reason.. TODAY, the stars aligned and I'm IN IN IN!!!!!!!!  I've been wanting to blog SO BAD... ACHING actually!  I'm totally terrified that this might be a cruel joke and that I won't be able to get back in... (bitting nails!)

Maybe with some luck I'll be able to recover my original template too?!  I'm MORTIFIED by the "new & improved" look...  I LOVE change, but I didn't ask for this revamp... 

If you CAN, please leave me a quick Yo! Hey! Hi! Wazzup! in the comment box so I know my stuff is WORKING!  ;)

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