Saturday, January 12, 2013

FREE Valentine's Day Memory Game!

DIY Memory Game - VDay Style!

A Perfect Match!

Check it bombshells!  If you wanna WOW your offspring's preschool mates this VDay, I've got THE perfect DIY "favor" tutorial!

 Be dif, bag the sweets and go game!

Download your FREE game cards "HERE"!

Print. (2 sheets) 
Punch out hearts using a 2" circle punch.

If you're a slacker, you're done!  Enjoy!
But if you're CRAFTY and you want to pimp up your game, keep reading!

I own a cricut machine so I used it to make 3'' circles to back my cards!  (Don't be a hater!  It was a gift!) 
A 3" circle punch will work just fine!  ;-)
  If your craftiness is satisfied, you're done!  Enjoy!

But if you're a SUPERCHICK and you want to deco your cards, keep reading!

I'm all about extra deets!
Choose a sheet of pretty cardstock and keep PUNCHING!!!  I used my 2"to create this polished look!
And because prez is EVERYTHING... Wrap with baker's twine from The Twinery and packaged your über unique favor in and half pint mason jar!

You can attache a "store bought" Valentine or craft your own!  (I know... GASP!)  
Mine will prob say something like...

"You are my perfect match!"

FUN FACT:  I made a "Christmas" version of this old school game for Super Sophie's preschool peeps and they LOVE LOVE LOVED it!

Make sure to come back and share pics!!! 

Just in... Fab facebook suggestion!
No circle punch, NO PROB!  
"If you don't have a punch, just cut in squares!  The kids will love both making and playing!"
 Vicki from Laugh Loud Smile Big


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