Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine’s Day Kandy Kone Styling Challenge!!!

Happy Day Sweet Superchicks! 

It's CHALLENGE TIME in Superchickland & OMG!!! I'm SO stoked!

Introducing our first ever "Kandy Kone Styling Challenge"!!! (8) FABULOUS Superchicks are battling it out to win the title of Supreme Superchick Stylist!!!  lol 
Who will reign as the ultimate Kandy Kone Styling Queen?!

But before I jump in, I have to spill some truth!  This challenge stems from a place of styling BOREDOM!  It's true!  Clients are consistently asking me for Kandy Kone "styling tips" & honestly, I'm fresh out of brilliance!!!
I got to thinking & well (ouch!)... lol  So here we are!

The Challenge Deets!
1 ~ Challengers were asked to INCLUDE 6 custom Kandy Kones in a VDay themed display!
2 ~ They were asked to FILL their kones creatively!
3~ And MOST IMPORTANTLY, they were asked to STYLE their kones in a unique, imaginative, trend setting!

The judges!
Bird from Bird’s PartiesCourtney from Pizzazerie & yours truly!
Thx SO much to my girls B & C for swooping in & lending an expert eye!  xo

Oh! One last thing... 

There are a zillion creative Superchicks out there, so I'm asking YOU to chime in!  
Leave a "styling suggestion" in the comment box at the end of this post & I'll pick a random WINNER on Jan 30th.  Up for grabs?  A dozen custom Kandy Kones of course!!!

 Ok!  Let's do this thang!  Drum rollllll pleeezzz!!!

The sparkling “Superchick Stylists” & their submissions!
Challenge WINNER will be revealed in a Brand New Ezine launching Jan 30th!!!  (Stay tuned!)

Click on theme title for full blog posts!

2 ~ Jasmine from IDEA! Event + style with Mint To Be!

4 ~ Melissa from (Truly Chic Inspirations) with Lovestruck!

6 ~ Talia from Luxe. Event Design LLC with VDay B.L.U.E!

7 ~  Nicole from The Party Animal with Bear Hugs & Kisses!

8 ~ JoAnne from Oh Goodie Designs with Love Is Wild!



Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I love Cupid's Candy Shoppe!! So so pretty!

Latisha Horton said...

They're all really cute ... good job girls : )

xoxo, Latisha

Creativities Galore said...

All the ladies did a great job :)

My styling suggestion (at a kids party) would be to use them as party favors fill them with little toys and a little bit of candy then set them at the table one for each child!

Chark said...

These are sooo creative! I love the blue proposal theme--and the bears especially! Nice job to each of you!! I might present the kones in one or two large vases with gumballs or clear stones to anchor them. And use them as table decor and favors.

Bellenza Bistro said...

I don't envy the judges. This is going to be a hard challenge to choose a winner for!

Shannau said...

Amazing!!! I love some of these tables- I always stuck my Kandy Kones in a block of styrofoam and covered it with crinkly strands of paper.. Really should think out of the box more!

SUSY POPS said...

All the ladies did a wonderful job! My two faves are "Mint to be" (the color combination of mint and red was fantastic) and "Cupid's Candy Shoppe" (wow! what a great arrangement - my eye when from one section to the other in awe). My stylish suggestion (not that any of the ladies need any suggestions) is to be creative with the Kandy Kones. I would love to see how they would look with flowers, as maybe a centerpiece arrangement, .... oh - and I would specially love to see how my SusyPops cake pops look in them :) Good luck judges - this is hard!

Kertesha said...

i think the B.L.U.E. V-day theme is so creative and vote would be for that one! but i agree with everyone else, these judges have their work cut out for them! lol

Stephanie said...

Whoa. Tough call between #2 and #3. I'm of no help, obviously. My suggestion would be to put them in a 'vase', like 'tulips', with multi-color cookies or mini-cupcakes on top!

MarieThomasDesigns said...

My favorites are 'Love is Golden' {For the romantic in me. Love the subtle glamour in the set-up} and 'I Pick You'{The colors are perfectly geared to a fun time for the young ones and the theme is sweetly nostalgic}. Everyone did an amazing job.

Krystal D said...

I love them all, really creative. Cones are always a big hit. This past year I put popcorn in them and put a larger stick in them that I dyed with food coloring to match color theme. I then decorated little styrofoam squares around the party for people to put their cones in to hold up while they did other things.

sloturner said...

I love Cupid's Candy Shoppe and I Pick You! Adorable!

I think it would be super cute to put the Kandy Kones in small vases with little flower arrangements and use them as place card holders. Each one could have the child's (or woman's...depends on the party) name on their cone and they each get some treats and a little flower arrangement. Would have been great for a tea party themed party one of my friends did for their little girl.

Chark said...

Saw a twig wreath today at the dollar store and thought, you could tie them to the wreath so they are staggered and then add a big bow with trailing ribbon at the bottom where all the sticks will be. And you could use a Lego square to hide the styrofoam blocks if you go that route. Would it be possible to washi tape them to the outside rim of a cake stand and then add cookies to the platter part--so the cones are ringing the cookies? hmmm...I kinda need to stop thinking about this!

Chark said...

Seriously, last suggestion--how about putting them in a florist's rose box, or cellophane and lay them on something to prop up the heads so they don't spill? This would make them look like a bunch of flowers!

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